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Airports, housing developments or revitalisations... we offer comprehensive services for the widest range of construction projects, including urban planning and analysis, site and project planning through all work stages, project and construction management, interior design, general contracting or the redevelopment of existing properties.

Urban planning

A building is only as successful as its integration into the urban landscape. The conceptual strength of a design emerges from a thorough analysis and reflection of its surroundings.


Irrespective of project scale or type of building, we dedicate ourselves to every planning task in all work stages, with the greatest attentiveness and enthusiasm. Our aim is to create coherent, individual and timeless architectural concepts that meet all the relevant economic and sustainability criteria.

General contracting

As the sole contractual partner and point of contact for our clients, we can look after all aspects of even the most complex planning processes, forging a growing number of specialists into a strong team.


A growing respect for historical buildings, urban densification and an increasing scarcity of resources make the revitalisation of existing properties more important than ever before. When intelligently planned and well designed, the result can be every bit as good as a new build.

Interior architecture

Building design is not just about the outer shell, it also goes behind the facade. A well thought-through design providing seamless transitions between interior and exterior spaces will always create a successful and visually coherent building.

Project and construction management

In the end, it’s the final result that counts. Our experienced and professional project and construction management team will transform the vision into an architectural reality through detailed scheduling, short construction times and strict cost monitoring.

Sustainable construction

Climate change, resource scarcity and a loss of biodiversity are forcing us to reconsider our entire approach. Our agenda includes sustainable, resource-saving construction methods with intelligent energy and mobility concepts, renewable raw materials and future-oriented technologies.


A perfect result can only be achieved through the successful cooperation of various participants. Whether company technicians or landscape architects, lighting planners or environmental consultants, we have a robust network of external partners available at any time.