• Fürst & Friedrich

The planned office and commercial development at Friedrichstraße 56 / Fürstenwall will create a striking new building in Dusseldorf city centre, enhancing the district around the popular Kirchplatz. The centrepiece of the 115m-long building will be the main entrance incorporating the existing classical façade at the corner of Friedrichstraße and Fürstenwall, where the simple, pared-down construction will open up in a grand gesture to create a richly contrasting association of old and new.

Rather than setting itself at odds with the current cityscape, the rectilinear architecture of this six to seven-storey structure will take its cue from the existing building heights in surrounding streets. The retained classical frontage will be framed by a solid glass façade. Inside, too, the old building will form a charming counterpoint to the new structure, the generous spatial dimensions providing a loft-like feel and a high-quality communal area serving the surrounding reception area, lounges and meeting rooms.




Art-Invest Real Estate


approx. 17.000 m² above ground



Object planning:

Work phase: 1-5

Interior & Design: