• Kennedydamm 55

The design for the competition entry for a new building on “Kennedydamm 55” in Dusseldorf envisages a slim, 140 m tall structure that acts as a central urban joint. It is square in plan. With its simple and clearly legible shape, the high-rise building looks similar from all angles, making it highly recognizable. Thanks to its small footprint and a wide joint, massive shading of the neighboring residential neighborhood is avoided and the fresh air corridor remains.

The tower, offering around 34,000 m² of floor space, has economical floor plans for office use despite the compact floorplate. There are apartments on the upper floors. The green area on the property extends vertically along the facade of the lower ten floors. In the top of the tower the recessed apartments feature green terraces and green facades that resemble the green base. In order to keep the environmental impact of the tower minimal, the facade features extensive photovoltaic modules.
The design was awarded second prize in the design competition in December 2019.




​Aengevelt Immobilien GmbH & Co. KG


​34.000 m²


2nd price 2019

green building:

​green facade, photovoltaics, natural air purifying