“Airport City” is a state-of-the-art office and service park being developed adjacent to alongside Düsseldorf Airport. The Smart Office is a new sculptural office building located on Klaus-Bungert-Straße, which connects the airport with the city centre.

The elegant structure is shaped by precision recesses in an overall cube-shaped form. Two H-shaped wings, connected by glazed walkways, create a distinctive entrance portal as high as the building that draws the eye through the spacious approaches routes into the landscaped interior courtyard. From here users and visitors enter the building on both sides via light and airy foyers, arriving in a conference area which spans the entire ground floor.

Uniformly arranged windows, horizontal strips and angled pilasters give the building a strong look and feel that is softened by the subtle play of light on the coated metal façade.
Inside, the Smart Office, which has been certified DGNB platin, allows for flexible space allocation designs ranging from open space and combination zones to individual and group offices.


Airport City


BEMA Gruppe, ABG Unternehmensgruppe


approx. 16.300 m² above ground



Object planning:

Work Phase: 1-5

Green building:

DGNB platin, WiredScore, green roofs