• Rüttenscheider Gärten

This design adapts the perimeter block development frequently encountered in the area. Its eastern band structure formulates an open spatial edge, making it possible to shape a distinct quarter that still manages to retain its connection to the open space to the east. This effect was also achieved by including and further developing the texture of the Altenhof Siedlung III residential estate bordering the site to the south.

Spatially broken down into three sections, the band structure creates a favourable microclimatic effect and a direct pedestrian connection between both areas.

This shared access leaves individual buildings within this band structure clearly legible as framing elements. At the same time, the glazed access areas create a visual link between the quarter’s interior and the nearby open space to the east.






VIANTIS AG, Immeo, Klugmann + Andere


approx. 29.500 m² above ground

Design review process:

1st prize 2013