• I/D Cologne parking garage

In the centre of the new “I/D Cologne office park”, which Art Invest Real Estate and Osmab Holding are developing on a former rail yard in Cologne’s Mülheim district, SOP architects designed a parking garage with a green facade.
More than 5,000 plants grow on the woven façade, which is 2,000 m² in size. Its environmental and climate-friendly benefits have a positive effect on the whole neighborhood. The green facade releases oxygen, has a cooling and noise-reducing effect. It also offers a habitat for birds and insects.

The vertical green forms a contrast to the office buildings that are being built around the garage. The open façade and the unobstructed floor slabs ensure wide views of the vegetation screens.
The paths through the garage lead through the surrounding green space and pass the vegetations-screens. The parking garage offers 896 parking spots on six levels, including 24 charging stations for e-mobility and bicycle parking. It is the first building in the new I/D Cologne business district. An automated, water-saving system uses collected rainwater for the resource-saving irrigation of the plants.



Köln Mülheim


​Art-Invest Real Estate und OSMAB Holding AG


​approx. 25.000 m²



Object planning:

Work phase 1-3

Green building:

Green facade, resource-saving irrigation