• Heimspiel

The family-friendly residential area called "Heimspiel" on the edge of a nature reserve in Solingen/Germany consists of 66 single and six multi-family houses with a total of 107 units. The settlement is surrounded by forests and located on the site of a former stadium along Hermann-Löns-Weg. In order to commemorate the history of the location, the development with a GFA of 37,600m² was designed so that the former circuit can still be read in the arrangement of the gardens and paths. The old trees were preserved.

The "Heimspiel" quarter has relaxed residential streets, a playground and an underground car park and was realized in different phases. sop architekten designed the urban planning as the winner of a bidding process, as well as the six apartment buildings. The client is bpd Bouwfonds Immobilienentwicklung, one of the largest developers in Europe.




​bpd Bouwfonds property development


​​18.600m², 107 residential units



Object planning:

Urban planning work phase 1-4,
Multi-family houses work phase 1-5

Bidding process:

1st prize in 2013