• Goldbeck

Following a unanimous decision by the design competition jury, sop | architekten have been commissioned to extend Goldbeck’s corporate headquarters in Bielefeld. The planned additions to both its buildings and exterior spaces will follow the existing structures to create a spatially coherent campus with extensive green spaces.

In addition to 9,915m² of the new office space, the project also includes a new conference and seminar centre that will form a striking corner structure on Ummelner Straße. A light-flooded foyer, a two-storey leisure zone and a planted roof space that can be used as a terrace will form synergy-creating links between the office and conference zones. A car park with an exciting outer skin of twisting metal strips completes the campus, which offers a high-quality rest and recreation space thanks to the presence of ponds and mature trees.




Goldbeck GmbH


​approx. 9.915m²



Object planning:

Work phase: 1-4, key detail planning