• Forty Four

The new office building Forty Four has taken shape in Dusseldorf’s Derendorf district, close to the neo-Gothic Herz-Jesu-Kirche. Once nothing more than an empty, 1970s-built commercial property, it was revamped to create modern office space. Before redevelopment work on the 21.500 m² building on Roßstraße started, it was stripped back to its load-bearing structure. A white, glass and aluminium unified facade system now provides transparency thanks to the generous glazing.

Offsets in the facade form irregular blocks that dominate the L-shaped building and provide exits to the newly constructed balconies and terraces. The central core of the original building, retained and clad in black aluminium, stands in strong contrast to the new elements. The interior offers a series of flexible spaces that can be used as single, group or open-space offices. Accessible roof terraces and extensive roof planting further enhance the quality of this office block.




die developer


approx. 21.500 m²


Late 2017

Object planning:

Work phase: 1-4, partial 5,
General contractor call to tender

Green building:

DGNB gold