• Eschborn Gate

A new corporate campus is currently taking shape on a former site for big-box retail in the city of Eschborn, just outside of Frankfurt/Germany. The “Eschborn Gate” office campus, which will also house the new German headquarters of South-Korean technology group Samsung, offers around 50,000 m² of floor space and consists of four lower buildings, a parking garage and a 16-storey office tower. The overall architectural design of the cubature, height and geometry of the buildings creates a uniform effect. When seen from afar, the individual buildings are perceived as being part of a cohesive family. However, when viewed from close up, they deliberately differ from one another in the design of their facades and in their choice of materials.

The slightly offset, five- to six-storey buildings surround a landscaped central Plaza with green spaces, ensuring high-quality outdoor spaces. Restaurants, cafés and small service providers help create a lively business campus which, together with the neighboring SAP-Tower, form a gate-like entrance for this up-and-coming business location in the city of Eschborn. The aim is to achieve a “LEED platinum” green building certification for the Eschborn Gate.



Eschborn, near Frankfurt/M.


​Art-Invest Real Estate, OFB Projektentwicklung


​approx. 50,000 m²


1st section in 2024

Object planning BIM:

work phase 1-5, 6-7 partly

Green building:

LEED Platin intended