15.10.2017 | Anniversary

30 years of Slapa Oberholz Pszczulny Architekten

Jurek M. Slapa, Helmut Oberholz and Zbigniew Pszczulny first met in the early 1980s in Düsseldorf and were soon getting together regularly in an attic flat in Dusseldorf’s Flingern district, where they spent long hours working on their designs, drawings and models.
At these meetings, which were referred to at the time – in true revolutionary spirit – as “conspiratorial”, but would today in all likelihood simply be regarded as a form of “co-working”, they vied to outdo one another in architectural creativity.
In 1987 they were commissioned to develop a competition entry for Frankfurt architects JSK, working up a design for what was to be Europe’s tallest skyscraper, located in Frankfurt. Shortly after being awarded the idea to build their 300m-high Campanile (a project never actually built) JSK Düsseldorf was formed, putting the partnership between the three men on an official footing. At the end of 2017, architects Slapa Oberholz Pszczulny celebrated 30 years of collaboration.

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