14.01.2020 | 140-metre high solitaire

2nd prize in Kennedydamm 55 competition

The results of the “Kennedydamm 55” design competition were announced in December with sop architekten taking second prize for their idea of a slim, square, 140-metre high sky-scraper designed to act as a central linking element in the surrounding built environment.
The stand-alone high-rise is an iconic structure, simple and easily identifiable in shape, and visible from every quarter. With its small footprint and a broad linking element it neither casts a shadow over the neighbouring residential accommodation nor significantly obstructs the flow of fresh air. Its landscaping covers the façade to a height of ten floors and the roof area is covered in densely greened terraces that mirror those at ground level. Providing a gross floor area of almost 34,000m², the high-rise offers ideal floor plans for efficient office use despite its minimal footprint and is set to house apartments on the upper floors. A façade design featuring extensive solar panel modules would help keep its environmental impact as low as possible.